What To Expect From A Pest Inspection

When it comes to home inspection and pest control, most people don’t realize that it is best to have both pest inspection services performed at the same time. Most qualified professionals perform pest inspections of residential building structures to see potential damage or risk of extensive damage from termites, bugs, moths, or dry rot issues. A pest inspection report is often used as a basis when a home loan is approved. A pest inspection cost is included in the loan rate and can be a great way for a buyer to save money. In addition to a general home inspection, some lenders will offer a pest inspection report in lieu of an appraisal.

Pest Inspection Cost

The pest inspection cost depends on the number of areas being inspected, the size of the structure being inspected, and the severity of the pest infestation. Typical areas to be inspected are the attic, visible insulation, cold storage, attics, crawlspaces, exterior walls, windows and doors, and all basement and crawlspace floors. Most lenders require that a pest inspection report be completed to apply for a loan. Other lenders, however, may waive the application fee if the report is submitted within a reasonable amount of time after the purchase date. When choosing an inspector for this service, make sure he or she has experience in the type of material being tested for. Also, check to see whether the pest inspection specialist is trained to inspect for wood-destroying insects and dry rot.

Another factor in determining the cost of pest inspections is whether the inspector is looking for only termites or also for ants, beetles, and bedbugs. Ants are the most common type found in North America, but they can also be found in other countries. Bedbugs can have devastating consequences, causing anemia, dehydration, and brain damage among children who spend a lot of time in their beds. For this reason, it is important to decide whether to perform an inspection just to detect termites or both termites and the more dangerous insect that can be found in underground storage systems.

pest inspection

After Pest Inspection

Once the pest inspection has been completed, the buyer is ready to start making the decisions that affect the future of his or her home. The first decision is which home improvement company to select. Once again, some companies charge a fee for this service while others provide a free quote. As a potential buyer, you want to choose a pest inspection service with a reputable reputation so you know your home is pest-free. A pest-free home means a healthy property that will attract buyers.

The second decision concerns what information to include in a pest inspection report. This section will provide the details on the specific pests found, the length of infestation, and where the pest infestation is located. Some reports include more detailed information, such as the amount of damage, the number of dead or dying termites, and pictures of the areas affected by the infestation. This section one issue should be considered carefully by buyers because they are interested in the current condition of their home and aren’t focused on what the previous owners did to make their home pest free.

The third issue deals with the treatment methods used to eliminate the pests. Depending on the severity of the problem, the pest inspection team will recommend one or more pest control methods. For example, if the wood in the attic is being damaged by termites then treatment will focus on this area. If the pest inspection team discovers that the entire roof is infested by wood-destroying pests, then a complete roof replacement will be required. The extent of the pest infestation will determine what the treatment methods will be.

Pest Control Company

The last point involves contacting a qualified pest control company. Qualified pest inspection teams will perform an inspection on your property and then make recommendations about how to best control or remove the problem. If you find that a pest inspection team is recommended, you should contact your local property management services company to inquire about whether they would be able to assist you in removing or controlling the invader. If your property is too large for a pest control company to effectively work on, then a referral to a licensed, bonded pest inspection technician should be made.

Overall, pest inspections should be conducted periodically to ensure that they are effective. Property owners are advised to request inspections from a certified firm if they’re having problems with a specific area of their property. Property owners should also inquire about the cost of pest inspections. Sometimes the price is not quite as much as you might think. Some inspections are less than a hundred dollars.